When the Dark Sun arises, unsettling events transpire all over Atlas.

What do you get from Atlas - Rise or Die:

  • A brand new indie tabletop RPG book
  • Sword and Sorcery
  • Familiar fantasy features (races, classes, and alignments) with added twists
  • A world full of blood, brutality, and barbarism
  • The vintage style of the 80s redesigned and reimagined
  • Just sit and play with a simple yet comprehensive 2d10 system

Get a taste of the core rules and the setting for free


reviews about the game

"Atlas is not a place for bleeding hearts and weaklings."

Christian John Prokop

"Old-school pulp fantasy with a diverse approach to crunch,
Atlas: Rise or Die has no shortage of potential to give
a wide sandbox to players and GMs alike."
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Christian John Prokop

Psyched to be with Mildra on "The Monastery",
a podcast that discusses indie games.
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Chronicles of Atlas

Want to know more? Read the Chronicles of Magister
Athan about the world of Atlas.