When the Dark Sun arises, unsettling events transpire all over Atlas.

What do you get from Atlas - Rise or Die:

  • A brand new indie tabletop RPG book
  • Sword and Sorcery
  • Familiar fantasy features (races, classes, and alignments) with added twists
  • A world full of blood, brutality, and barbarism
  • The vintage style of the 80s redesigned and reimagined
  • Just sit and play with a simple yet comprehensive 2d10 system

The Hourglass of Hamurax - “Early Bird” founding goal

The sand is running out and the clock is ticking in the hourglass. When the last sand runs out Hamurax gains his power back and returns to the living. We can’t let that happen!

Every adventurer knows that timing and speed are essential. We also know that one second can be the deciding factor between life and death. That’s why we would like to ask for your help delivering the World of Atlas and all its wonders to you. If we can successfully reach our funding goal in 24 hours,  we give away a pdf version of one free adventure module for every backer and supporter who supports us with as little as $1.
The faster we can reach this goal together the more campaign modules we will provide to you.
If the funding goal is complete in the indicated times below, it will be rewarded with the following number of adventures: Less than

10 minutes – 6 adventures
30 minutes – 5 adventures
60 minutes – 4 adventures
4 hours - 3 adventures
12 hours - 2 adventures
24 hours – 1 adventure

These rewards will be premade for the ATLAS - Rise or Die 2d10 system but will be easily convertible into any d20 system. All these modules will be available ONLY for the founders, the backers of the campaign, and there is no way to purchase them later!For more news and much more exclusive content, stay up to date by subscribing to our newsletter at www.oldmagesgames.com  and follow us on Instagram @atlasriseordierpg

Get a taste of the core rules and the setting for free


reviews about the game

"Atlas is not a place for bleeding hearts and weaklings."

Christian John Prokop

"Old-school pulp fantasy with a diverse approach to crunch,
Atlas: Rise or Die has no shortage of potential to give
a wide sandbox to players and GMs alike."
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Christian John Prokop

Psyched to be with Mildra on "The Monastery",
a podcast that discusses indie games.
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Chronicles of Atlas

Want to know more? Read the Chronicles of Magister
Athan about the world of Atlas.