Aquertis – The City of Banished

Tamás & Márton
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August 31, 2020

The folk of the city is the offspring of renegade Tlan. The betrayal of their ancestors sealed their faith before the grandparents of their grandparents were even born. A strict hierarchy and caste system determine their place in society. At the bottom are the slaves, followed by craftsmen, warriors, artists, and scribes.  Only mechanists rise above them among the common folk. They do not have any nobility in the traditional sense. They do not need it since they are not more than banished batards with disfigured bodies and souls. Their corrupt faith and the poisonous exhalations of their obligatory home poisoned them entirely and irrevocably. Just like their lords, they are the evil servants of power and vengeance.

The lords of this polis are powerful warlocks who are religious and profane leaders at the same time. The former is secured by their corrupt cult; the latter is ensured by their dark discipline, the techromancy. The two are closely intertwined in the culture of Aquertis. The frequent forgeshrines in the city serve as places of worship, smelters, prayer towers, and machine fortresses. Each is a lair of a  techromancer or a group of techromancers. They rule their quarter with the help of disciples and machine monsters. The amount of profane and religious power, their place in the hierarchy is determined by the size of the warlock's forgeshrine. According to their traditions, the boundaries of a warlock's territory is marked by the shadows of the forgeshrine.

From the Chronicles of Magister Athan, Gazer of the Two Suns

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