The slave economy of Tucuxan

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August 31, 2020

Outside of the city-states, no need to bother with guarding them. Where would they run anyway? Even the slave life full of total exploitation leading to a slow death, let alone the possibility of being set free, is better than the dozens of guaranteed ways of death in the jungle...

In Tucuxan, even passing away cannot mean sloth, since nothing can go to waste. After their death, slaves can serve as excellent compost, further serving their owner communities. In most city-states, their dead body is simply rotated into agricultural lands. Not everywhere, though.

In Themiscyra, for example, the Ebony Priestesses, with the help of unholy rituals, bring back those who deserve it, as undead servants. Their reward beyond the grave is to do the most monotonous, most demanding labor. Thus, these chosen ones can actively serve the inhabitants of the City of Warrioresses, until eternity.

The well-respected warlocks of the temple-fortress of Mendelaar, the Decayers, who oversee the work on the lands, simply put the living but unemployable slaves into tight metal barrels. After that, the warlocks make the miserable creatures rot away by using high pressure and various chemicals. Within a couple of weeks, the former slaves become totally liquid. This sickening material is sprinkled on the ground, further increasing its yield.

From the Chronicles of Magister Athan, Gazer of the Two Suns

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